From Camera to Print: Radio Astronomy in Platinum

From Camera to Print: Radio Astronomy in Platinum, Part III

This Light & Noise produced video details the large format film & platinum/palladium printing process from the camera to the negative to the final print. A part of our ongoing project to document the world’s major radio astronomy observatories, “From Camera to Print: Radio Astronomy in Platinum” begins with a pre-sunset drive out to the…

Conrad Fischer Get Physical, Image by Light & Noise, Courtesy of MedQuest

Get Physical: MedQuest Releases New Course

Our sister company, MedQuest, has released a new course geared toward helping doctors achieveĀ a comprehensive understanding of all the major physical signs that they will encounter during a medicalĀ career. You can visit the MedQuest site to learn more, or click the image to be taken to a sample video.