From Camera to Print: Radio Astronomy in Platinum

From Camera to Print: Radio Astronomy in Platinum, Part III

This Light & Noise produced video details the large format film & platinum/palladium printing process from the camera to the negative to the final print. A part of our ongoing project to document the world’s major radio astronomy observatories, “From Camera to Print: Radio Astronomy in Platinum” begins with a pre-sunset drive out to the…

140 Foot Telescope at Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Green Bank Residency Progress: Radio Astronomy in Platinum, Part II

In the months since our residency at the Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory, we’ve been hard at work developing the more than 400 negatives we exposed during that three-week stretch. As we pass the half-way mark, we’re pleased to present a series of work prints that will eventually become part of our larger body of…

Very Large Array at sunset. Photo (c) Light & Noise, Inc.

L&N Visits the Very Large Array: Radio Astronomy in Platinum

As part of our ongoing effort to document radio astronomy observatories around the world using large format film and alternative processes, L&N spent a week at the NRAO’s Very Large Array in April.

Hanford B Reactor Control Room

L&N visits the Hanford Site

Arguably the most polluted place on the planet, the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site was home to the bulk of the the United States’s plutonium production capacity during WWII and the Cold War. Today, decommissioned nuclear reactors and plutonium processing facilities line the Columbia River as an unprecedented cleanup effort strives to return an area…