From Camera to Print: Radio Astronomy in Platinum

From Camera to Print: Radio Astronomy in Platinum, Part III

This Light & Noise produced video details the large format film & platinum/palladium printing process from the camera to the negative to the final print. A part of our ongoing project to document the world’s major radio astronomy observatories, “From Camera to Print: Radio Astronomy in Platinum” begins with a pre-sunset drive out to the…

Very Large Array at sunset. Photo (c) Light & Noise, Inc.

L&N Visits the Very Large Array: Radio Astronomy in Platinum

As part of our ongoing effort to document radio astronomy observatories around the world using large format film and alternative processes, L&N spent a week at the NRAO’s Very Large Array in April.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, WV. Photo by Light & Noise, Inc.

Green Bank Radio Astronomy Observatory

Of all the places we’ve visited, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia is closest to a spiritual home. L&N has spent hundreds of hours on site during a series of trips over the last two years, and we intend to dedicate a concentrated block of time to documenting these incredible telescopes in 2015. Due to tremendous…