Conrad Fischer Get Physical, Image by Light & Noise, Courtesy of MedQuest

Get Physical: MedQuest Releases New Course

Our sister company, MedQuest, has released a new course geared toward helping doctors achieve a comprehensive understanding of all the major physical signs that they will encounter during a medical career. You can visit the MedQuest site to learn more, or click the image to be taken to a sample video.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, WV. Photo by Light & Noise, Inc.

Green Bank Radio Astronomy Observatory

Of all the places we’ve visited, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia is closest to a spiritual home. L&N has spent hundreds of hours on site during a series of trips over the last two years, and we intend to dedicate a concentrated block of time to documenting these incredible telescopes in 2015. Due to tremendous…

Hanford B Reactor Control Room

L&N visits the Hanford Site

Arguably the most polluted place on the planet, the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site was home to the bulk of the the United States’s plutonium production capacity during WWII and the Cold War. Today, decommissioned nuclear reactors and plutonium processing facilities line the Columbia River as an unprecedented cleanup effort strives to return an area…